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Name A.R.Murugadoss
Native Place Kallakurichi (near Salem), Tamilnadu
Nationality Indian
Mother Tongue Tamil
Profession Director, Writer
Family wife - Anita
Education College - B.A in Bishop Heber College, Trichy
Languages known Tamil, English
Inspiration for his creativity Reading books, watching people and movies
Inspiration for ‘Ramanaa’ movie A bachelor friend of him had adopted five children and that was the inspiration for the movie.
Inspiration for ‘Stalin’ movie 100th day function of Chiranjeevi's film ‘Indra’ held at Vijayawada
Debut Movie Dheena
His view about making films “That's the work I know and I want to be in”
Films Tamil :
* Dheena
* Ramana
* Ghajini

Telugu :
* Tagore
* Stalin

Hindi :
* Ghajini
Favourite place Hyderabad
Favorite pasttime Watching movies
About his movie Ghajini “I think the film is like an engrossing novel where each chapter ends on a curious note and the next begins on a gripping note."
Secret of his success “To tell you the truth, there is no secret to success as such. I start working on a project only when an interesting subject with social relevance comes my way. Then I try to package it to attract the audience. Cast, music and gloss are very much a part of a film’s success.”
Facts * In his schools days, he started reading both Tamil & English books.
* He used to read storybooks by hiding them in textbooks
* During free periods, he used to narrate the stories to his friends & classmates
* Later he started writing short stories & novels during his school and college days.
* He has written 30 short stories and one novel.
* His father is a small-scale business man.* During his college days he has performed mimic stage shows by imitating Kirubanantha Variar & others.
* His father was encouraging for his interest in joining Film industry.
* He tried joining the Film and Television Institute of TamilNadu, Chennai, but he couldn’t succeed.
* He worked as a copy-writer for writer Kalaimamani.
* Also he worked as an assistant director with S J Suryah (for films like Vaali and Khushi) and Uday Shankar.
* He takes a minimum of 6 months for his scripts.
* For other language movies, he writes dialogues in Tamil & English and then get them translated.
* He travelled by bus, observed people in public places, and visited hospitals to study the lives of patients who are suffering from amnesia for his movie Ghajini.
* Ghajini story was rejected by 12 heroes * He was inspired by Kalpana Chawla & made use of her name in his Ghajini movie.
* He strongly believes that a well-written script is behind the success of any film.
Awards * Best film award from Tamilnadu government for his movie ‘Ramanaa’.
* Best film award from Tamilnadu government for his movie ‘Ghajini’.
* Nandhi award from Andra Pradesh government for ‘Stalin’.
His views about his Stars  Surya :
“Surya has been more of friend and we had a lot of discussions and many brain storming sessions. Once the actor got caught in a traffic jam and he wanted to be on time to the studio. He was two km away from us. When I got to know I asked if I could send a bike, he said no. Surya just alighted and ran non stop and reached the studio in just fifteen minutes. Surya showed he was very disciplined and was particular of reaching work on time."

Chiranjeevi :
“Chiranjeevi is an icon. I was nervous but he made things comfortable for me. He's amazing, the change of expressions, his terrific timing in comedy and actually he gives you more than what you expect. He's a director's delight.”

Amir Khan :
“I am truly amazed at Aamir Khan’s dedication. His passion comes across evidently. You know he’s thoroughly enjoying himself while at work. It’s a once in a lifetime experience working with him. Not only an actor, he is an excellent director too for I have learned many things from him. Apart from these special qualities, he is a person to be respected for his kind-heart…”

A.R.Rahman :
“A.R.Rahman is work himself. He does nothing but music. He lives, breathes, and talks music. But both these people are very socially aware and have a strong opinion on everything happening around them. It’s been fabulous doing music with A.R.Rahman".

Asin :
"Asin is very talented and sincere. I just have a word for her, she is brilliant."

Courtesy: Web Resources
Compiled by: Gayathri

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