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Original name Sujatha
First Movie

Panduntikaapuram (Telugu),                           

Date of Birth 17th December
Brought up in Born and brought up in Chennai
Mother tongue Telugu
Family details Husband - Nitin Kapoor (Jeetendra's cousin)and 2 sons (Nihar and Sreyanth)
Favourite dress Salwar
Favourite Holiday spot I like the whole World. I like to travel a lot. I love travelling.
Favourite colour Earthy colors
Favourite Food I shift frequently from Veg and Non-veg
Favourite Subject Sports
Favourite Drink Water
Favourite charector Sivaranjani character in Sivaranjani movie
Philosophy of Life Life itself is a philosophy
Hobbies Cooking, Shopping and buying household things, Particularly I love sports and if time permits I don't mind spending the whole day in watching sports
Languages acted All South Indian and Hindi
Voice in movies Dubbing except in Telugu
Achievement(s) Still in this media even after 300 movies
If not to cinema,would have been Either a teacher or a nurse or a Sports women
Favourite artistes Savitri, Radhika, Revati Smita ,Shabana and the list goes on
Friends in the Industry Radhika, Revati, and Jayaprada.
Favourite sports person Imran Khan
Other info Niece of actress Vijayanirmala
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