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Original name Kavitha
Nick name Kausalya
Date of birth 30-12-1979
Address Kausalya, 15, A-2, Akshar, Palace Road, Bangalore-52
Phone number 0091-80- 2262007
Brought up in Bangalore 
Fitst Movie "April 19th " - Malayalam Film directed by Balachandera Menon
Kaalamellam Kaadhal Vaazhga (in Tamil)
Opinion about Cine Industry Dream World
Favourite character The characters in Kaalamellam Kaadhal Vaazhga and Sollaamalae (paired with Livingston)
Favourite dress Jeans and T.shirt
Favourite Holiday spot Bangalore
Favourite Color Black
Special talent Car driving and Bharatha Natyam
Hobbies Reading books. Enjoying music. Good sleep
Mother tongue Kannada
Languages acted Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada
Voice Dubbing

As a Heroine acted in more number of films in Tamil in the year 2000 including Superduper Hit "Vannathaipola", Ezhaiyin Sereepil, Thai Poranthanchu…

If not to cinema, would have been in Modelling
Entry into Cinema Thro' modelling
Character that impresses Affection of vanity
Charecter she hates Praising in front of her and speaking ill of her in her absence
Most respectful person Her mother Poornima
Best friend Hima
Sports that interest her basket ball, cricket and tennis.
The V.I.P. she likes to meet? Former American President Mr.Bill Clinton
The place she likes to visit? London
Favourite Artistes Sharuk Khan - Manisha Koirala
Favourite Director Steeven Spielberg
Messages for fans? Have control over yourself. Otherwise you can't respect yourself.
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