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Name Cyril.K. Nagesh
Birth name Gundu Rao
Nick names Gundappa, Nageshwar
Native Tumkur, Karnataka
Mother tongue Kannada
Date of Birth 27th September 1927
Date of Death 31st January 2009
Nationality Indian
Profession Actor, Comedian, Producer
Title Naghaichchuvai Mannan
Family  Father - Krishna rao (Railway station master)
Mother - Rukmani ammal
Wife - Regina
Sons - Rajesh Babu, Ramash Babu, Anand Babu (Actor)
Debut Actor - Thamaraikulam (1959)
Producer - Paartha Nabagam Illaiyo
Early job Southern Railways at Chennai
Benefactor Producer and Actor Balaji
First interest Stage Play
Famous characteristics * Inimitable style
* Witty dialogues
* Dialogue delivery
* Mimicry
* Mannerism
* Facial expressions
* Voice modulation
* Swift bodily responses
* Innocent smile
Dancing ability
Remembered as Generous, simple person
Fan of Jerry Lewis
Other Interests Carnatic and western music, Table tennis & Caroms
Owned Nagesh Theatres
Sad moment Not able to meet his mother on her death bed.
Famous fans Indra Nooyi (Pepsi Co CEO), Shiv Nadar (HCL Technologies founder)
His favorites Ethir Neechal, Thillana Moganambal, Major Chandrakanth, Kadhalika Neramillai, Server Sundaram, Thiruvillaiyadal
Auto-biography Sirithu Vaala Vendum (2005)
Close friends V.S. Raghavan, Vietnam Veedu Sundaram
Memorable characters * Dharumi in 'Thiruvilaiyadal'
* Chellappa in 'Kadhalikka Neramillai'
* Vaidhi in ‘Thillana Moganambaal’
* Madhu in ‘Ethir Neechal’
Sports A champion in carom and table-tennis and a fast bowler in cricket.
Award * Silver Lotus Award, Best supporting actor for Nammavar (1995)
* Kannadasan Award organized by Kaviyarsu Kannadasan Tamil Sangam, Chennai (2007)
* Kalaimamani Award
Cause of death Diabetes and heart ailment
About him Cho Ramasamy: (Actor, Playwright and political analyst)
"He made the role of a comedian the most indispensable and important part of films. When he was at his peak, he could devote only two hours per film per day. Even Sivaji Ganesan and MGR had to wait for him to come to the set. He was such a crowd puller that distributors insisted on Nagesh being there for all the films then."

Vivek: (Actor)
"When you deliver lines at break neck speed, you tend to lose clarity. But, Nagesh combined speed and clarity and was easily the master at it. You may come across actors who try to imitate his body language but his talking style was unique. It cannot be mimicked."

K. Balachander: (Director)
“He was very passionate about theatre. He asked me to give him a role in my plays and I told him that I would write one, with him as the protagonist. That is how Server Sundaram happened. He would think through me, and I would act through him.”

Kamal Haasan: (Actor & Producer)
“The greatness of the man is that even as we are mourning his passing away and crying, you are reminded of some ‘Nagesh joke,’ which will make you laugh instantly. The only photograph I have in my office is that of him and me. I am such a huge fan.”

Y.Gee. Mahendra: (Actor)
“I asked him, ‘So, are there different kinds of comedians?’ Pat came his rely. ‘Oh, yes. There are those whose time is good and others, whose timing is good!’ It is regrettable that the Indian government failed to recognize an artist of his stature.”

V.S. Raghavan: (Actor)
“It is rare to find an actor like him and rarer to find a friend like him. He could be very child-like sometimes. Once, he wanted a brass ear bud. He insisted that we drive down to Triplicane and get one immediately.”
Facts * As a child artiste he appeared in the Kannada filmn Makkala Rajya .
* Acted in Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam films.
* Rs.40 was his first salary.
* Lyricist Vaali and Actor Srikanth were his roommates When he was hunting for opportunities in Tamil films.
* Acted with 3 generations of actors in more than 1000 films
* Most of his dialogues were written by A.Veerappan.
* Used to observe the movement and mannerism of ordinary people.

Courtesy: Web Resources
Compiled by: Gayathri

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