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Original name S.Rangaraj
Title(s) Puratchi Tamizhan
First Movie Sattam En Kaiyil 
Date of birth 03-10-1954
Height 6feet, 1½ inches
Brought up in Coimbatore 
Mother tongue Tamil
Address for communication 13-A, Pragadambal Street Nungambakkam Chennai-34
Phone number 8277455
Qualification B.Sc. (Botany)  
Family details

Father -Dr. Subbiah
Mother -Nathambal
Sisters - Kalpana Arjun and Roopa Senathipathy
Wife ,Son and a Daughter  

Favourite dress Pant - Shirt
Favourite colour Black 
Favourite Sport Table Tennis
Favourite charecters Vettrivel in "Valter Vettrivel", Ammavasai in "Amaithi Padai", Balu Thevan in "Vedham Puthidhu"
Turning Point Nooravadhu Naal
Lessons learnt  from cine industry Need Success Daily
Unforgettable Incidence  Acting in the Film "Paalaivana Rojakkal" written by "Kalaingar M Karunanidhi"
Total Number of films acted Near 140 films
Philosophy of Life Debit that comes in and credit that goes out
Hobbies Reading Books, Watching MGR Movies
Voice in the movies Own Voice
If not to cinema Agriculture
Inspiration in cinema industry Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan and Purathchi Thalaivar MGR
Inspiration  in real Life MGR , Thanthai Periyar  and Rajanesh
Character that impresses contentment
Unforgettable gift "Karla kattai" (exercise tool) from MGR
Best friend His own inner-heart
Favourite song  A Tamil Song "Unnai Arinthal… Nee Unnai Arinthal … Ulagathil Poradalam…" by the great Lyrist  Kannadaasan
Favourite artistes MGR, Sivaji, M.R. Radha, S.V. Ranga Rao, Nagesh, Savithri, Saroja Devi, Manorama
Message to fans Be knowledgeable, practicable and wakeful
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