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Tabu (Actress)
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Actress Tabu

Name Tabu
Birth Name Tabassum Hashmi
Pet Names Taby, Tubs, Tabs, Tubba, Tabloid, Tobler, Tablet, Tabsy, Tobasco
Profession Model, Actress
Date of Birth 4th November 1970
Birth Place  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Height 5'8"
Hair Color Black
Star Sign Scorpio
Nationality  Indian
Mother Tongue  Telugu
Family  Father – Jamal Hashmi (Actor)
Mother – Rizwana
Maternal Grandfather – Mohammed Ahsan (Mathematics professor)
-Shabana Azmi (Actress)
Farha Naaz (Actress)
Education School - St. Anns high school, Hyderabad
College - St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
Debut Telugu
Coolie No. 1 (1991)

Prem (1995)

Kala Pani (1996)

Kadhal Desam

The Namesake
Languages known Telugu, Hindi, English
Favourites Dessert - Pineapple ice-cream
Place – Hyderabad, Kashmir, Switzerland
Color – Pink
Flower – Rose
Film - Roman Holiday
Singers - Lata, Rafi
Indian Actor - Rishi Kapoor
Pass Time Activity - Soft Music
Actress - Shabana azmi, Smita Patil, Sridevi
Claim to Fame 'Ruk ruk ruk' girl in Vijaypath
Known for * Critically acclaimed acting.
* Willingness to play characters in artistic and low-budget films.
Noticeable thing She wears little or no make-up.
Start of Film Career Played Dev Anand's daughter in the film Hum Naujawan (1985)
Hobbies Reading, writing poems
Designer Manish Malhotra
Prediction about her Dev Anand predicted that she would become a leading actress.
Dream To be a star
Her Sex Appeal Her Smile
Likes Swimming
Motto Live and Let Live
Close Friend Her sister
Loves * Smell of old books.
* Reading the tales of Tin Tin and books by Enid Blyton during the summer holidays.
Fond of Icecreams
Finicky about * Fabric for her clothes
* Having fruits
* Things being in their proper places in her room, cupboard and bathroom
* Anyone else using her hairbrush
Gets angry When a woman walks in and a man or men keep sitting in their chairs.
Philosophy in life "This too shall pass."
Scared of Blood
Depressed about Situation at Kashmir
Cringe at * Wake up calls
* Glycerine
* Exercise
* Lizards
* Boring speeches
* Late nights
* Show offs
Her Infatuations Ravi Shastri and Cricket
Facts  * Her grandmother was an English professor in Literature.
* Her mother was a school teacher.
* Her parents got divorced when she was at her school.
* She moved to Mumbai in 1983.
* Her family thinks that she looks like a Little girl in `Ruk Ruk' song in Vijeypath movie.
* She likes reading romantic books.
* She cannot lie as she gets caught easily.
* She is proud about her middle class upbringing.
* She likes to be remembered as an actress.
* She is well behaved in the shooting sets.
* She is selective in her roles.
* She has the capability of easily switching her emotions on and off.
* She loves smell of old books.
* She has houses at Mumbai and Hyderabad.
* She used to love reading The Adventures of Tin Tin and books by Enid Blyton during the summer holidays.
Awards Filmfare Awards :

* Best Female Debut Award for Vijaypath (1994)
* Best Female Debut Award for Ninne Pelladatha (1996)
* Best Actress for Kadhal Desam (1997)
* Best Actress (Critics) for Virasat (1998)
* Best Actress (Critics) for Hu Tu Tu (2000)
* Best Actress (Critics) for Astitva (2001)
* Best Actress (Critics) for Cheeni Kum (2008)

National Awards :

* Best Actress for Maachis (1997)
* Best Actress (Critics) for Chandni Bar (2002)
Address Anukul, 2nd Floor
7 Bungalows
Andheri (W)
Mumbai 400 058
Quote "I do films which move me and most of all, the unit and the director should appeal to me."

“Women's liberty is not being taken seriously. It's more a slogan than anything else, but I guess it's a personal issue and varies from person to person and also from home to home.”
About Her Taran Adarsh (Film Critic) :
"If there is one actress who can carry a film on her shoulders, it is Tabu. As usual, she sparkles".

Ron Ahluwalia (Film Critic – About her movie Maqbool) :
"Tabu shines in a dark role. The most versatile actress in Bollywood takes to villainy like a second nature. She is menacing and seductive, but keeps an innocent look on her face, making her even viler. The way Tabu delivers her taunts simply perfect. Her gradual insanity is heart-wrenching and her final outburst is easily the highlight of the film."
Her Views Relationships :
Are meant to be deep, strong, supportive and everlasting. But few of them are for keeps.

Life :
“Life is travel. I love to travel, see new places, meet all kinds of people. That's the time you realise there's so much than just what you are living in... there is so much to learn.”

Music :
“Music for me, is a vitamin.”

Love :
“An emotion which not many people understand.”

Qualities of an Ideal Man :
"Should be tall and understanding."
Life member of International Film And Television Club of Asian Academy Of Film and Television, Noida

Courtesy: Web Resources
Compiled by: PS and Gayathri

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