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The producer and director of the film Manathai Thirudi Vittaai went to Mumbai to book Shilpa Shetty as heroine. It seems Shilpa Shetty refused to do the film as her previous film Mr. Romeo with Prabhu Deva did not go well. Now Gayathiri is pairing with Prabhudeva. .

T.Rajender is planning to remake his latest hit Sonnaal thaan Kaadhala in Hindi. He is also looking for a new face to pair with Silambarasan in his next project Kaadhal Azhivathillai.

Deivayani after her wedlock with Rajakumaran has lost many of her offers. The latest news is that she is acting in a couple of Tamil and Malayalam films including Azhagi in Tamil and Sundarapurushan in Malayalam. Rajakumaran has also commenced his new project in Tamil.

The Bangalore beauty baby Vasundara Dass started her career as a singer. After her debut in Hey Ram and as a heroine with Ajit Kumar in Citizen ,she is now pairing with Mohanlal in his most expecte d film Raavana Prabhu.Sangamam Vindhya is the other heroine in this movie.

Ajit Kumar has postponed all his current projects for his Vahmana with Suresh Krishna..The film is scheduled to release next year.

12B, the most expected movie with Simran,Jothika and the new hero Sham is the debut movie for cameraman Jeeva as a director. The unknown fact is that he decides to remain as cameraman and not to return to direction in future. Now he has three new offers in hand for cinematography.


Sangavi follows Mumtaz’s style of appearing in songs alone.

These days ArunKumar is busy in story discussions with directors for his new projects. This sudden boom in his career is due to the fruition of Paandavar Bhoomi by Cheran.

It seems Megastar Mammooty is very much interested in acting under the direction of Naazer and that too in a historical character.


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