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A film by Vikraman with Vijay is now cancelled. Vikraman is notable for his melodious stories. .It seems Vijay wanted to make the story more commercial but the director rejected his suggestions. This difference of opinion has lead to the cancellation of the project. Now Vikraman is seeking for another hero for his story Dhilana Sethu.

Though Mammooty gave number of hits in Tamil, he was unable to get a permanant position in Tamil Screen. Aanandham has helped him with a handfull of Tamil films including Junior-Senior and Velayutham.

Vikram has not increased his salary even after the success of Dhill. This strategy has fetched him more offers.

In Alli Arjuna, a film under direction of Charan with Manoj as hero , Karan is also playing a leading role. His character has been kept secret since it brings in a turning point to the story.

While actresses like Ramya Krishnan, Mumtaz capture even single dance roles, Simran stands different and acts as a mother for three children in Manjal Kudai by Manirathnam.

R.V. Udayakumar , a successful director once upon a time, used to write lyrics for his films. Now, though he does not have any dirction assignments,continues to write lyrics for others film. Shree is one of the films for which he accepted to write lyrics.

Kushboo is still busy with her films. She is acting in a couple of films including The Women Power by Jayadevi with Hariharan and another film with Ramki. On the otherside, she started her own production company and searching for a new heroine in the film.

Music Director Deva decided not to sing in films and was following this principle for the past four years. After a long time, for the request from Music Director Christy, Deva is singing for him.


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