Thro' Gemini AVM came back to film production after a long gap.Now two other movies are being planned in their camp - one by Vikraman and another by Manibharathi, an associate of Manirathinam.

Arjun's Arasatchi was supposed to be released on his birthday, Aug 15th. But the rumour is that the movie is getting delayed by budget constraints.

Shankar's boys are not upto his expectation it seems. The director may take time to patch it up and postpone the scheduled Diwali release to Pongal.

Director Bala has four movies in hand including a movie for Kamal.

Can you believe it? Saritha is back in the big screen as a heroine through Manga. Balumahendra is the director.

It seems Silambarasan is fast becoming a favourite in Kollywood. Deva has given an another opportunity for him to sing in Maran.

Arvind Sami is doing a Malayalam movie with Soundarya. The movie is titled Agni.

Angelina Jolie, the Tomb Raider heroine had got her husband Billy Bob's picture tattooed on her body to show her devotion to him. Now that they are splitting up, the actress is keen in getting them removed no matter how much it pains

Eight young heros are introduced to Tamil Industry thro' Kalatpadai by Chola creations.

Deva's nephew Jai is making his acting debut in '6Teens'..

It seems Britney Spears had been on a crash diet of raw vegetables and water in order to drop the weight she gained after spliting from her boy friend Justin Timberlake. This was reported after she collapsed in a party.

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