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Following the difference of opinions with Vijay, Vikraman has selected Prashanth to replace Vijay in his next venture..

Hollywood studios have stepped up their security after the recent terrorist attack on America. Studio entrances have been closed and many studio tours have been cancelled indefinitely.There is a rumour that a film studio in California could be the target of a terrorist attack in retaliation for any possible bombing attacks by the United States in Afghanistan.

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has postponed his forthcoming action movie COLLATERAL DAMAGE indefinitely after the terrorist attacks on America. The actor has appealed his fans to pray for the victims and help raise as much money as possible for those affected by the disaster.

Ajay Devgan is preparing the script for the movie he is going to direct shortly.

Laila is acting as a Srilankan Tamil in Sethu Bala's 'Nandha'.

Anabalaya Production's new venture with Arjun and A.R.Rehman has been shelved as of now.

R.K.Selvamani is directing a movie after a long gap.This film is produced by Motherland Movies.'Police Commissioner' is the name of the movie.

R.V.Udhayakumar's Assistant S.Soundarrajan directs a movie named 'Click' .The cast includes Prabhu, Karthik , Meena ,Devayani and Vivek.Kutti Padmini's husband Prabhu Ne'paul is the producer'.

Aishwarya Rai is acting as Shajahan's Mumtaj in Barat-Bala production's Taj Mahal. Barat-Bala ison the look for a new face for Shajahan.

Suresh Peters is scoring music for 'Thenkaasi pattanam' after a long gap.Sarathkumar and Napoleon are the heros.The movie is derected by Manojkumar)

Shah Rukh Khan is contemplating on returning to television with a mega serial .It seems that the actor is in negotiations with a leading television software company to play an Indianised role of James Bond 007.

Govinda, who is doing typical comedy roles, is desperately trying to change his image. Recently he has developed a taste for action-oriented films.But regrettably he is not getting any such offers. Govinda is still happy for getting meaty offers.

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