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'We don't create intelligent characters' - Jayasudha

An exclusive interview with one of the finest artistes of the South Indian Cinema, Jayasudha


Nilacharal : Your glamour has increased differently over the years. Do u accept it? If yes, what is the reason for this?
Jayasudha :(Laughs) Naturally, I agree to it.The secret is the attitude towards life . Happiness increases beauty .

Nilacharal:Do you find any difference between cine Industry you entered and the cine industry today?
Jayasudha :It was more dignified then. But it has reduced a lot now.

Nilacharal : You have acted in all south Indian cinemas and Hindi movies too.What is your opinion on Malayalam Industry?
Jayasudha :The finest industry I have seen in my service. Very sensible film makers.

Nilacharal :What is the difference between Telugu and Tamil Industires
Jayasudha :( Laughs)Only the language differs. Telugu industry is very meticulous in time, date and schedule. It doesn't mean that these things are not in Tamil industry, but there they give more importance to these .

Nilacharal : There are lack of heroine oriented subjects through out South Indian Cinema. What do you think is the reason?
Jayasudha : If you get married that's the end of your track in this industry. Then the track changes to mother or sister characters. I am not able to understand what makes our people to think that the talent of the artiste will vanish after marriage. I think this is the main reason.

Nilacharal : What was your reaction when you acted as a daughter to the now Super star in his first movie?
Jayasudha : (Laughs).First of all, he was not a Super star that time. Its was his first movie. The main things are two, first we didn't meet regularly during that shooting and secondly he is known for his way of giving respect to seniors and elders especially to ladies. I had acted in more than 8 movies that time.

Nilacharal: Later you acted as his sister in Pandyan,how did you feel?
Jayasudha : This time the situation is different. He is a Superstar now. But his basic behaviour of giving respect to ladies and senior artitse has not changed.

Nilacharal :What is your experience with National awards?
Jayasudha :So many times I happened to be very close to it. But nothing so far. I got disappointed so many times. I expected very very much for my Megasantheshanam in Telugu. I was very close till the end.

Nilacharal:Are you satisfied with your career?
Jayasudha :Yes I am satisfied but I like to do more sensible roles. Like those in Hollywood. Why can't we make like sensible movies like them?. We have all the talents here also.Women in hollywood have more oppurtunities than us here.

Nilacharal : In how many movies you have acted so far?
Jayasudha : I don't remember the number exactly but its approximately 300. In that 20 in Tamizh, 8 in Malayalam, 3 in Hindi, 1 in Kannada and rest in Telugu.

Nilacharal :Have you had any charecter which portrayed your own nature?
Jayasudha :(A big laugh) No. We don't create intelligent characters

Nilacharal : How did you get into Anthimandarai?
Jayasudha :The chance first went to Radhika but due to her hectic schedule she personally wanted me to do it. I should thank Mr. Bharathiraja forgiving me that opportunity.

Nilacharal : How was your experience with Mani Ratnam in Aalaipaayuthey?
Jayasudha :Very happy and satisfied. I am a fan of Manirathanam. He is a very different personality in the creativity side. He can make miracles in cinema.

Nilacharal : What are the qualifications required to enter into the cine industry today?
Jayasudha : Good question.Beauty and talentwere the cruteria those days. But today we also require brain.

Nilacharal : Amongst the new talents who is your favourite?Why?
Jayasudha :Lot in Hindi and and a very few in South India. In English I like Julia Roberts.

Nilacharal : What's your advice for the young artistes?
Jayasudha :Not at all required. They are very smart.

Nilacharal :Tell us about your personal life
Jayasudha :Happily married.My husband is a producer.I have two sons.

Nilacharal : Would you like your sons to come into cine Industry?
Jayasudha :That purely depends on them. If you ask me I like them to come up in sports.

Nilacharal : Any intention to get into politics.
Jayasudha : I am already in Politics. I am in TDC (Telugu Desam party). But I am not very active.

Nilacharal : Since you are in politics, can you tell us your opinion on Agra summit?
Jayasudha :Total World is going through such a rough time. Take Israel and Palestine, when compared to that this is a small issue. Though it's a small issue it will not get over in the near future.Astro;ogy also predicts the same. I believe in astrology.

Nilacharal :You have produced movies.Where do you go from here?Any intention to direct?
Jayasudha :I'm happy that you asked me this question..I like to share something with the viewers here. 17 yrs back I got an oppurtunity to see Jesus Christ in my life and he saved my life. From then I am with Jesus and now after 17 yrs I got baptised last march and now I am a true Christian. I totally believe that Jesus Christ will guide me through in my life.

Nilacharal : How is the response for Janani?
Jayasudha :Frankly speaking I am not happy with it. Its totally a flop. The outcome of the serial is not very positive .

Nilacharal :Any comment about your new project Thavasi?
Jayasudha :I am Mrs. Thavasi in that. That's all for now.


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