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'Started acting when I was 40 days old' - Sujitha

An exclusive interview with the Golden Girl of Chinnathirai , Sujitha


Sujitha, one of the busiest artistes in the TV world today, agreed to give us an exclusive interview amongst her heavy schedule.We made it a short and sweet one.

Nilacharal : Can we ask how old are you,Suji?
Suji : Ofcourse.My date of birth is 12th July 1983

Nilacharal:Tell us about your family
Suji : I have an elder brother and an younger sister.

Nilacharal:How would you describe yourself?
Suji :A very sensitive gir love being with the family

Nilacharal : Do you remember your first experience in front the camera?
Suji :No...because I started acting even before knowing what is cinema and camera.When I appeared in first moview Abbas,I was just 40 days old.Next was in Munthabaii Muduchu when I was six months old.

Nilacharal : How would you describe cine industry?
Suji :Beautiful Industry decorated with Flowers and thorns

Nilacharal :What is your favourite charecter?
Suji : The one in Poovizhi Vaasalile

Nilacharal : Do you fine any difference between acting in cinema and serials?
Suji : Responsibility and Recognition is very high in cinema compared to serial.

Nilacharal : What is your special talent?
Suji : classical jovial charecter.

Nilacharal: What is the biggest achievement so far in your life?
Suji : My acting career which started when I was just 40 days old.

Nilacharal : Have you acted in any other language apart from Tamil?
Suji :Yes.I have also acted in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.

Nilacharal:What are your current projects?
Suji :Heroine in a Kannada Movie with Mr. Siva Rajkumar and 4 serials.

Nilacharal : What is your score of your acting career as of now?
Suji :Around 90 films and around 20 serials.

We wish her all the success in her career!


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