"Some songs do make a very deep impact"
Exclusive Interview with UnniKrishnan

Singer Unnikrishnan
needs no introduction. The King of Melodies was gracious to give us an exclusive interview amidst his real hectic schedule.

When you had to choose between cricket and music, what made you to choose music?

I would say that it all happened on its own. I did not plan anything. But I must accept that in cricket I did not see much scope, as I did not get into the right level.

When critics like Subbudu criticize the carnatic singers singing movie songs, do you get offended or feel guilty?

Not at all. I enjoy doing both and so I am doing it.

In Tamil film industry we see a lots of playback singers from Kerala. What do you think is the reason behind this?

I think it is mainly because of Yesudas. He inspired many people like me.

Do you have any inclination for composing?

I do have inclination. Composing consumes lots of time and efforts. But I have absolutely no time for it now.

Do you think you are at the peak of your career now?

I really do not think so. I have lots to learn and a long way to go.

You have achieved everything now - you are very popular, doing a lot of concerts and film music, received numerous awards. What next?

I think I really have to be critical about myself, aim for the best, work hard, be sincere at work and make others happy.

Apart from music and cricket, you have any other talent that is unknown to us?

I play a lot of tennis as well.

Which was the toughest song among your film songs?

It was in a Malayalam movie called Devadasi and the music director was Shareth. It was the toughest song I have ever sung.

Does the lyrics or music of the songs you sing affect you?

It very much depends on the lyrics and the tune. Some songs do make a very deep impact on you and keeps lingering for a long time. Some songs do not make an impact and very easily goes out of your mind.

When you sang 'ennavale', you were an executive with Parrys. What did 'ennavale' do to an executive?

When I was working in Parrys, I was also doing classical concerts. But after 'ennavale' my career took a turn and I had to give up my job and that was a good decision because you can only concentrate on one profession at a time.

At the time of recording, you would visualize something and sing. When you see the visuals in the movie, do they match with your imagination?

They are different sometimes. Most of the time the music director explains the situation and the way he is going to film it and that does help getting a fair idea.

We are talking about global village now. How would the reach of western music affect the Indian music?

Already Indian music has been affected by western music. The youth is very much attracted towards pop and rap and to satisfy them, most of the film songs have that sort of tunes.

Do you think the classical music will also get affected?

Indian classical music has its own audience and one has to develop a taste for it and it does not come over night. We must try to attract more youngsters to Classical music. It is difficult but with a lot of young musicians performing and with the support of sabhas we can definitely find a lot of youngsters coming into the foray of Carnatic music.

You would have two different sets of fans for your classical music and for your film songs. Do you find any difference between them?

Oh, yes. Some of the classical fans do not want me to sing film songs. But film songs fans do not have any such demands. They just enjoy what I sing.

Have you felt music as a burden at any point of time in your life?

To be honest, at times because of too many commitments, I have felt so. Especially during December festivals, there are many concerts and I really feel the pressure.

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