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- Balumahendra




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"Incase any situation arises that  there is no Ilayaraja , I will stop directing  films" this was what Balumahendra's open statement  in a cinema fucntion. Raja's music was part and parcel of every Balumahendra's films. After nearly 6 years, Balumahendra strikes back with his new project "Julie Ganapathy" which again has Ilaiyaraja's score. Though being a thriller movie, there are 6 songs and Balumahendra knows very well where to stuff in the songs in the apt situations. From the trailors, its clear that Balumahendra still sticks to his own style of picturising songs.The album opens with the golden voice of K.J.Yesudas singing "Minmini paarvaigal", a signature note of Raja. Written by Karunanidhi, the song has mind boggling guitar and flute pieces which are sure to captivate your ears. Balumahendra- Ilayaraja- K.J.Yesudas combo has given a lot of unforgettable compositions before and this is sure to be another feather in their cap. Though K.J.Y. sounds tired and old at places, "Old is gold".

Next comes the pick of the album, "Enakku piditha paadal" by Shreya Goshal. If Raja likes a singer, he sticks to them for all his forthcoming albums. S.Janaki was his favourite singer and used to give her a song in every album  and then he moved to Sadhana sargam and now Shreya has replaced SS it seems. Compared to Sadhana, Shreya's tamil pronunctiation is good and her voice is irresistible. This song has Na. Muthukumar's beautiful lyrics and will get into the listener on first hearing itself and it will take some time to leave the heart. In this song one gets the chance of listening to "pazhaya' raja's music.

"Kaaka Kaaka" a variety song by Anitha with some childish lyrics suiting  Saritha's lunatic character.Palani Bharathi has penned the lyrics and there's nothing to comment on the lyrics. This song set in children's nursery rhymes' style will surely make the audience go out for a puff.

Shreya Goshal again croons "Idhayame" a melodious and emotional song written by Mu. Mehta,  where  the girl feels for her parted lover. It has some complex and enjoyable compositions which can only be handled by Raja.

"Enakku piditha paadal" song again features with slightly modified charanam and in Vijay Yesudas's voice. He sounds fresh and his voice greatly resembles his father's voice in early films. Then comes the "Pon meni" kind of song "Thanni konjam" by Prasanna who was introduced by Yuvan shankar raja in "April Maathathil". This erotic song has lyrics by Muthulingam and there's nothing much to say about this song.

Overall this is a vintage Ilaiyaraja album which is surely a treasure for Raja's fans and it may not be a chartbuster since the filmcast lacks star value and it solely depends on the film's box office record. The quality of recording is fair and it's time Raja changes his sound engineers.

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