Kaaka kaaka - Music Review
-Vignesh Ram

Music Harris Jeyaraj
Direction Gowthamn
Lyrics Thamarai
Audio Classic Audio

Harris Jeyaraj entered from the TFM as a bolt from the blue. His "vaseegara" still reverberates in the ears of all classes and agegroups. The successful team comprising director Gowtham, Lyricist Thamarai and Harris are striking back in "Kaaka Kaaka". It is a Surya, Jothika starrer produced by Kalaipuli Dhaanu. Though Harris had to struggle to compose village based songs, here being his cup of tea, has come out with some racy and infectious compositions..

The album begins with "Uyirin uyire" which starts off with Suchitra's humming ( Umhah zeeya wahiyala wahiyala zeena neva sayeya- Try finding the meaning). As the humming fades, KK takes off with his enchanting voice. If sung in a slow tempo, this resembles the beginning lines of "Annamalai" TV serial's title song which is also sung by KK. The song slowly grows in the listener and though we can find traces of Minnale song, it is surely encaptivating.

"Oru ooril"starts with some english lyrics sung by Febimani and Karthik takes over. This song is in a narrative style about the beauty of a girl. Thamarai's lyrics are set in her style, simple and cool. After many listenings only, this song sets a mark. Don't jump into any conclusions after initial hearings.

"Thoodhu varumaa" by Sunitha sarathy and Febimani is a MTV style song picturised that way with Ramyakrishnan wriggling with a microphone. Both the voices are drippingly sweet and sensuous coherent with the mood of the song..

"Ennai konjam" by Tippu and Shalini Ssingh is a peppy and toe tapping duet. Timmy's rap interlude and parallel track singing adds to the feel of the song. On initial hearings the song is just passable, but after subsequent hearings it is compulsorily addictive.

Overall it is a breathtaking effort by Harris Jeyaraj.
Hats off to Thamari and Gowtham. The lyrics are decent and not suppressed by the dominating music. Harris as usual has concentrated much in the interludes which are pretty enjoyable as the songs are.

"Ondraa rendaa" song is going to be a regular entity in the satellite channel top ten shows for quite some time. Already this album is the topper in sales and is worth grabbing a copy.

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