- Vignesh Ram

Music                           :  Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics                          :  Director Agathiyan
Cover design             :  Fair (With a lot of pics. Inside)
Audio company        :  Best Audio
Price of Cassettes   :   Rs. 45

1. kalloori paadam:   Shankar Mahadevan

Following the footsteps of A.R. Rahman who recycles his own tunes in other languages, Yuvan has recycled this tune in the telugu version of “Sethu”. Shankar Mahadevan’s voice bubbles with the sprit and enthusiasm of a teen aged college goer. The song is not bad but for the colloquial  lyrics of Agathiyan which don’t fit with the tune and spoil the whole song. 

2. Iru kangal sollum:  Balaram & Gopika Poornima

Pick of the album being a perfect melodious song. Balaram should improve his tamil pronunciation. Gopika Poornima fairs well in her debut song itself. This song is going to be a chart buster for sure. Quoting the lines of  playback singer P.B.Srinivas, “ In MUSIC, “M” stands for melody and if there is no “M” it’ll make “U Sick”. Yuvan has given such a beautiful melody keeping those lines in mind I suppose. 

3. Bombay city: Pavithra

The song begins with foot tapping rhythm but fails pathetically, thanks to the rubbish lyrics with a lot of english words.Pavithra seems to be a promising playback singer in the future as her voice is malleable and works wonders going to various pitches. 

4. Thozhi thozhaa:  Karthik

The new whizkid has once again succeeded in capturing the fan’s hearts. Initial impression on hearing the song may not be impressive. But it’s a song set in different style where Karthik’s charming voice brings out all the pains and emotional clashes in love. Those who are in love will have to love this song. 

5. Salsa- Theme music

This kind of Salsa music is new to tamil film music and Yuvan should be appreciated for his innovative effort. 

6. Mullai poo: S.P.B.Charan, Yugendran, Venkat prabu 

Blood line of Veteran singers namely  S.P.B., Malaysia Vasudevan and Gangai Amaran have sung this song in music of one of the Maestro’s masterpieces (Yuvan). The opening music of the song resembles that of “Manja kaatu maina”. Yuvan should have avoided this. But this song is really soothing with Naveen’s flute flowing through out the song.

7. Sithanna vaasal:  S.P.B. and Sujatha

Beautiful dance number with refreshing beats. S.P.B still sound very young and fresh. Youngsters will surely love this song and is going to be a sure hit. Lyrics are also good and Sujatha as usual sings the song  with her ice-cream voice. 

8. Vidinchaaka kalyanam : Chitra Sivaraman

Chitra Sivaraman and Yuvan combination was a great hit in Thulluvatho Ilamai. But here they have failed to keep up the magic, thanks to the poor lyrics. Yuvan should have concentrated well as some beats  remind us of a song from the film “Sangamam”. 


So far all the films of Agathian like “kaadhal koattai”, “kaadhal kavithai” had very impressive and super hit songs. Here too he has shown his consistency in selecting the tunes. But his lyrics have spoiled the songs. The producer of this film, Mr. Panchu Arunachalam being a great lyricist could have been more critical of the lyrics.

This album has a variety with melodious songs, peppy numbers, folk and theme music to satisfy people of all age group and tastes. Yuvan has proved once again that he’s a chip off the old block. This album is sure to withstand among the waves created by BABA in the audio market owing to the young voices and music.


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