Laysa Laysa-Music Review

Music                    : Harris Jeyaraj
Lyrics                   : Vaalee
Director               : Priyadarshan
Producer             : Vikram Singh
Audio                   : Film works Audio
Cassette cover  : Beautiful design and attractive stills

There is a phrase in English called “Soda water effervescence “! When you pop-open a soda bottle, due to change in the pressure, there will be brisk, fizzy effervescence, which will subside after some time. Harris Jeyaraj entered TFM with a bang in “Minnale”, but his subsequent projects like “Majnu”, “12 B” and “Samurai” did not meet the expectations. Once again he comes fizzy with “Laysa Laysa”.

God only knows why they changed the previously announced poetic title  “Kanmani nee vara kaathirundhen” to “Laysa Laysa”. The film slated for Deepavali release is directed by Priyadarshan and he teams up with Harris Jeyaraj for the first time. Kudos to the producer Vikram singh for introducing “Singles” concept in TFM though the choice of the track to be released, as the single was not good.

The album begins with the toe tapping and energy filled rhythm and humming which is sure to give the first and best impression. “Mudhal mudhalaai” by Tippu, Yugendran and Madhumitha is a peppy dance number. For some time youngsters are sure to go crazy, shaking their foot to this song. At some places the humming will remind you of the “Azhagiya theeye” song from “Minnale”. This is the first time that the 14 years old talented girl, Madhumitha has been given the opportunity to sing a full song and she has done a commendable job.

“Laysa Laysa”, which featured in the singles cassette has traces of music from “Lagaan” and rendered beautifully by Anuradha Sriram. Harris has given her a break and it is soothing to hear a melodious song in her feminine voice after hearing series of her tomboyish songs. The usage of Saxophone in the interludes is really mesmerizing.

No one can forget the excellent usage of haunting pieces of violin by Rehman in “Kala Kalavena Pozhiyum” song in “Rhythm” and “Naettru illaatha maatram” song in “Pudhiya mugam”. Harris Jeyaraj too could not forget it and he has used it as it is in “ulaga azhagiye” song rendered by the new kid on the music horizon, Karthik. It is a puzzle whether all the songs sung by Karthik become hit or he gets the opportunity to sing all hit songs. When you slightly alter the “Sariyaa thavaraa” song from 12 B and give some feminine touch to the song, you get “enai polave” song rendered by Chitra and Suchithra Ramadurai. This must be the introduction song for Trisha and wondering when our directors are going to introduce their heroines without such songs.

“Etho ondru” by Harish Ragavendra, Franko and Srilekha Parthasarathy    is sure to be a chart buster with beautiful lyrics and music. You will start liking the song and the “Ullaagi” humming (though resembling “Majnu” song) instantly. The song flows like ” if you don’t give what I ask for, I will die”- A word to all lyricists,  --Why should men be always depicted as being on their knees, begging to their ladylove and ready to give up their lives as in this song. For the sake of love, why men should shake off their self- respect and can’t the lyricists write the songs more optimistically?

All the songs are penned by Vaalee and he seems to be still very young at heart. Thank God, he has written the songs in tamil unlike his usual style. After a long time we get to hear some decently written lyrics from Vaalee.

On the whole the album is worthy buying with simple but catchy tunes and techno kind of music. But you cannot resist a feeling that you have heard the songs already.

It would be nice if Harris Jeyaraj stops walking in Rehman’s shoes and creates a new style for himself. He has recycled his own tunes and made use of Rehman’s music extensively throughout the album. It is enough that we have an A.R. Rehman and since he is very  busy in London we are not in need of a “Low priced Edition” of Rehman. If Deva copies the compositions of all the music directors he comes across, Harris seems to have a policy to copy only Rehman. Hope he proves his caliber and versatility in his future ventures.

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