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''My dream is to compose music for Hollywood movies " - 'Pops Pops' Sampath
- Nila

Sampath grew up in a village called Varakkalpet, did his engineering in chennai , went to work in the USA...wherever he is, his mind is in music. Sampath, a computer professional living in the USA, loved music right from his childhood. During his college days he bought a keyboard to play the popular songs and soon he found himself composing his own tunes. Sampath himself was surprised at it, as he never learnt music from anyone. He has been composing since then for imaginary situations and went on to win lots of prizes in the college level competitions.

Sampath has recorded around 50 tunes so far and he says, the rest are in his mind. He has recently released his own album 'Pops Pops' with Sreenivas and Mahanathi Shobana as lead singers. Sampath has also sung in the album.You can listen to 'Pops Pops' from http://www.sampath.com/demo_tracks.html

Sampath cherishes the memories of his village childhood and joint family days with his uncles, aunties and grand parents. Many of them are casual singers and he believes that he has got musical gene in his family. The entire family was elated on the release of his album.

When asked about the inspiration he says with a matter-of -fact smile, 'who else, other than Ilayaraja?'. S.P.B and S.Janaki are his favourite singers.Sampath prepares himself for bigger things through continuous learning. He likes to continue as a computer professional as it gives him freedom to compose music without the pressure of making money. He does not rule out the possibility of becoming a full-fledged music director if he is destined for it. Sampath shares his plans for his musical journey with us:

Why did you decide to produce a pop album?
I wanted my creative ideas to reach people. Since I didn't have time to hunt for chance in the music industry, I decided to produce a pop album on my own.

Have you ever felt handicapped not having learnt music?

No. My feeling is that music cannot be defined. Learning may help us exhibit what we learned. Creating music is something different. It comes from the heart irrespective of whether you are a music degree holder or somebody who never took any lessons in music.

Tell us about your experience with 'Pops Pops'.
Actually it happened accidentally when I went to India for a vacation in May this year. I never had plans to do it this time around. I had a spark all of a sudden when I had only 5 days to return and started working on it. We finished the whole recording in 3 days time.

I wanted to have a nice blend of moods in the album - a fast song Kanniley Kanniley, a gana-like Yea Salasalkira, two melodies- nila aval and poovai vaanum, a song for students (SSLC) and finally the only folk song (aathoram). I had to write the lyrics as well with some help from Mr.Sudarsanam. When we finished recording, I had a sense of achievement.

What has music done to your personal life?
Good music has always done only one thing to my life. It brings me moments of joy again and again.

How would you like your musical journey to be?
My immediate goal is to compose songs for at least one Tamil film. I also want to increase my knowledge in digital recording, effects etc. Then my next milestones are composing songs for the record labels/ Hollywood movies and win awards.

My dream is to be known as a fine music composer with at least 10 songs, which would survive for 25 years from the date of its creation. I guess, I have a long way to go. Hope the Almighty helps me achieving it.

Good luck,Sampath.We too like to see a Tamil music director in Hollywood.

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