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Living in an ultramodern internet era with well sophisticated technologies emerging everyday, we don't have time to read our country's puranas and epics. If we go through them, we can find various prototypes of our recent scientific advances. Let's have a glance at a few......

  • First transplant : Lord Ganesha
  • First Flight : Pushpaka Vimaanam
  • First in-vitro-fertilization : Kundhi Devi conceived Karna thro' Surya (Sun).
  • First Television show : World seen revolving in Krishna's mouth
  • First Eye donor : Kannappan
  • First Distant education student : Ekalaiva
  • First Quality control officer : Sabari, who checks the quality of fruits by biting before giving them to Rama.
  • First Person to use mouse : Lord Ganesha, well as a vehicle.
  • First Courier service : "Annam" Bird used to convey messages between Nalan and Dhamayanthi
  • Theory of Evolution : According to Charles Darwin's theory, every organism on earth evolved from a common ancestor. Fish was the first to evolve which then evolved to reptile then bird and then mammals. Likewise, First avathaar of God was "Matsaya avathaar"(Fish) followed by Kurma(Turtle) avathaar and then chimeric form (Narasimha then to human form and then to super human form (Kalki)

Picture courtesy :Hindunet.com

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