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It is believed that by wearing rudraksha bead and vibhuthi we can achieve physical and mental purification and thus can live a happy and healthy long life.


Once Narada found a fruit. He took it to Lord Vishnu and asked “O’Lord, I have never seen this fruit before, please tell me where this came from”. Lord Vishnu started to tell the story of rudraksha. “Once there was a demon named Thripurasura. He was very strong and he defeated all devas. Devas came running to me. I took them to Lord Shiva. Then Shiva adding the strength of all devas, produced a weapon (Aghoram) to destroy the demon. In this attempt Shiva spent many years thinking even without blinking his three eyes. At the end when he blinked his eyes, from each eye a drop of tear ran down to the earth. Those drops became the seeds of Rudraksha tree”. This tree is a family of Elio Corpus category – found in east and west of Asia, Malasia, Australia, Pacific Islands, Nepal, Bihar, Bengal, Assam, Madya Pradesh and Bombay. Nepal is famous for Rudrakshas. These trees grow 60 ft. high, small white flowers grown on stems underneath the leaves. Blooms in the month of January. Fruit colour is purple (mix of red and blue).

There are different types of Rudrakshas ( 1 – 31 faces). Rudraksha with one face and 2 faces are very rare. Malas are made for chanting or wearing. Mala can be made with 108 or 54 beads with a large bead in the middle called Meru. If used for chanting when you reach up to the bead Meru, mala should be rolled backwards. For chanting japas rudraksha mala is the best.


Rudraksha with 5 faces are easily available, cheap to buy and no artificial beads are available for this type. Shape is round.

Bhadraksha – Long and round (1 – 8 faces)

Roudraksha - Long and round – has the power to remove the sins.

Qualities of different Rudrakshas

One Face - Form of Shiva. These beads are rare. If worn, removes sins. Equal to doing Shiva Puja.

2 Faces - Form of Ardha Nareeswara. If worn, equal to Shiva Shakthi Puja.

3 Faces - Form of Agni deva – Equal to Thrimurthi Puja. If worn by women, gives long life for husband.

4 Faces - Form of Brahma. Removes sins, increases memory power, one bead worn with a red thread, improves the memory power.

5 Faces - Form of Rudra. Can wear with 108 or 54 beads. Gives peace, cures blood pressure, indigestion and chest pain. For sleepless people apply the paste of this bead in the milk on the eye lid for getting good sleep. For poisonous insects bite apply the paste with lemon juice. Dip this bead in hot water or hot milk for couple of seconds and drink in empty stomach early morning. Blood pressure will disappear soon and even the enemy will respect you.

6 Faces - Form of Muruga. If 18 beads are worn on the wrist, fulfils the desires, cures the blood pressure, hysteria, increases the memory and removes the evil eye effect.

7 Faces - Form of Kamadeva. Called Anangam. Cures planet effects on horoscopes. Protects death at young age.

8 Faces - Form of Ganesha – Removes sins, protects from evil people. Gives energy. Cures rheumatism in 3 months time if drunk in empty stomach in hot milk. (Place the bead in hot milk for 2 seconds and drink).

9 Faces - Form of Bhairava (another form of Shiva). If worn one bead on right hand protects from planet’s bad effects. Good to wear during Durga Puja.

10 Faces - Form of Vishnu – called Janardanam. Gives protection during bad times. Protects from poisonous insects by dipping in hot milk if fed to children protects skin problems. This bead is rare. On the whole gives prosperity.

11 Faces - Form of Ekadasa Rudra. If worn by women they will become very kind hearted.

12 Faces - Form of Surya. Called Adithyam. If worn on ears – Blessings from Sun God Surya. If worn on neck – Everybody will respect you.

13 Faces - Form of Karthikeya / Kamadeva. Called Shanmugham. If worn your desires will be fulfilled.

14 Faces - Form of Parameswara. According to Upanishads – Shiva’s eyes.

15 Faces - Will bring devotion to God.

16 Faces - Helps people to do thanthra (black magic).

17 Faces - Form of Viswakarma - Gives all comforts.

18 Faces - Form of Goddess Earth (Bhoodevi).

19 Faces - Gives you wisdom and peace.

20 Faces - Form of Brahma / Saraswathi.

21 Faces - Form of Kubera. Very rare. This gives you property and removes sins.

Rudrakshas can be worn by everybody regardless of cast, creed or culture and religion.

We can wear them 24 hours a day. Only one restriction: When you feel you are doing wrong things, Rudrakshas should not be worn, in other words, always think, speak and do good things only.


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