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Leonardo DiCaprio

Original Name  Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Nick name Leo, The Noodle
Date of birth 11th November , 1974
Star sign Scorpio
Height 6 ft
Weight 140 Ibs
Hair colour Blond
Eye Color Blue-green
Birth Place Los Angeles, CA

Father -George DiCaprio (Italian)
Mother - Irmalin DiCaprio (German)
Step father - Adam Farrar
Siblings - None

Pet A Rottweiler (named Baby) and a Bearded Dragon (named Lizard)
Car Silver BMW coupe
Address 955 South Carillo Drive
#300 Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA
Website http://www.leonardodicaprio.com/
Schooling Seeds University Elementary School at UCLA
Center for Enriched Studies and John Marshall High School, both in LA
Favorite Sport(s) Basketball & baseball
Favorite Actor(s) Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, & Jack Nicholson
Favorite Actress Meg Ryan
Favorite Movie(s) The Godfather (I, II, III)
Favorite Food Pasta
Favorite Drink Lemonade, Diet Coke, and Fruitopia
Favorite Colors Black, green, & purple
Favorite Vacation Place Germany
Before cinema Modelling
Interesting Info Leo Speaks fluent German
He used to play the organ
He has good sense of humour and creativity
Hobbies Writing poetry and short stories
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