About Nilacharal

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Nilacharal.com : Yet another website #@! No? So what’s special?

Nilacharal is a weekly bilingual (Tamil & English) e-magazine, owned by Nilacharal Ltd, UK. Nilacharal occupies a unique place among e-zines of its genre.

From a modest beginning in May 2001, Nilacharal has come long way in its mission to inform, inspire and educate. It has at once unique and universal appeal. The language employed is enjoyably readable.

The writers to the magazines usually are not hired. They contribute to the magazine with a sense of involvement and sense of participation to make Nilacharal occupy its unique place.

Nilacharal covers a variety of topics of information, entertainment and various interests. There is hardly a topic that is not covered. To mention a few, there are articles on contemporary social issues, secular politics, various religious faiths, information on tourist spots, politics, personalities, education et al.

Nilacharal focuses on the youth as it believes that they are our future citizens contributing to the greatness of our country. Regular contests are held for the students and articles for their self improvement are a regular feature.

Nilacharal has budding contributors right from the age of 2.5. To sum, Nilacharal is now a household name among Tamil community world wide!

The interviews with celebrities in varied fields – musicians, politicians, actors, social activists are not of the run of the mill type but try to bring out the best by judicious and choicest questions.

The literary aspect is not forgotten as Nilacharal has short stories, poems & humorous essays. Added attractions to the readers are astrology, movie reviews, satirical essays, recipes and the inevitable serial stories.

Nilacharal receives feedbacks from readers worldwide whose comments are received with an open mind – bouquets and also the brickbats! The criticism is taken in the right spirit to enhance the quality of contents.

Nilacharal publishes e-books on various subjects of sustained interest.

In summary, Nilacharal is striving to keep the Tamil spirit among the readers around the world.