Daniel Radcliffe

American Theatre Wing's 68th Annual Tony Awards - Red Carpet

Full Name Daniel Alan Radcliffe
Nick name Dan,Danny
Date of birth 23 July 1989
Country Fulham, England
Father Alan radcliffe , literary agent
Mother Marcia Gresham , director of casting
Current height 5’4
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Sign Leo
School All boys private school
TV debut Played as young David Copperfield in BBC’s televisions productions in 1999
Film debut  In John Boorman’s ‘The Tailor of Panama’ as Jamie Lee Curtis’ and Geoffrey Rush’s screen son.
Selection as Harry Potter J.k.Rowling the author of harry potter books, selected him over 16,000 boys and other favourites like Frankie Muniz, Haley Joel Osment and Jake LLoyd who auditioned for the part.
Favourites Past time: Listening to music
Food : Sea food
Instrument: Drums
Book: Holes by Louis Sachar
TV shows: The Simpsons and WWE
Role models: Joseph Fiennes , Tim Robbins, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Stiller, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet , Kate Hudson.
Games: Football, Gymnastics.
Music Bands: U2, REM, The Sex Pistols, The Stranglers
Movie:’12 angry men’, ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ and ‘Donnie Darko’Club: Fulham Football Club
Favourites in Harry Potter series Word: Voldemort
Pets Two dogs named Binka and Nugget.
Salary Around $ 3,000,000 per film
Belief in magic Absolutely 100 percent
Magical power like to have Invisibility , so he can sneak into top secret meetings.
Characteristics he shares with Harry Porter He stands up for his friends always.
Characteristics that attracts the audiences Naturalness and innocence
Awards AOL Movie Goer Award for the year 2003
Future Plans To be an actor, writer, director.
Next film  Harry Porter and the prisoner of Azkaban is scheduled to be released on June 4,2004.

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