Roger Federer


Full Name Roger Federer
Nickname Rog
Date of birth 8th August 1981
Place of birth Basel, Switzerland
Sun Sign Leo
Height 186 cm
Weight 84 kg
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
  • Father :Robert is Swiss-> working in chemicals .
  • Mother : Lynette is South African->worked as a secretary at Ciba
  • Elder sister : Diana -> lives in Miami
  • Girl friend: Mirka Vavrinec
Languages known German, English, French
Career Tennis Player
Residence Munchenstein, Switzerland
Debut (Turned Pro) 1998
Plays Right Handed
Titles 18
Grand Slam Titles
(as on July2004)
Current Coach Peter Lundgren
Idols   Michael Jordan, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Pete Sampras
Current Shoes  Nike Implosion
Racquet   Wilson ProStaff 6.0
  • CD:Dolphin Trance”. It’s house music
  • Colours:Blue, Red and White
  • Food:”Gnocchi Gorgonzola” with salad
  • Country:Switerzland
  • Car:Lambourghini all models
  • Clothing:casual clothes
  • Video games:FIFA 2000, Teken 3 (playstation games)
  • Listening to music and playing the Play Station.
  • Deep sea fishing in South Africa
  • Surfing the net / day trading
  • Chatting with friends on the Internet
Pet A cat called Ginger
Luck number 88
Loves to play James Bond in movies
His Fear To be very ill
Believes in   God
Would like to interview Nelson Mandela
Secret of his success Concentration, focus, preparation and total engagement.
Memorable victory Victory over Carlos Moya in Marseille
Qualities Funny, outgoing and always dreaming
Wimbledon prize money 602,500 pounds
Brand Ambassador Maurice Lacroix Swiss Watches
Titles won
  • 2004 : Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells, Hamburg,
    Wimbledon, Gstaad
  • 2003 : Marseille, Dubai, Munich, Halle, Wimbledon, Vienna,
    Tennis Master Cup
  • 1998- Junior Tournament- Italy, Australia, Wimbledon,
    Orange bowl USA
  • 1997:Junior Tournament-Italy, France
Interesting facts * Two-time Wimbledon Champion
* No.1 player in world
* First Swiss to win a Wimbledon’s men’s title.
* Occupies third position in Indesit ATP 2004 Race
* Seventh different men’s singles winner in the past seven
Grand Slam events.
* First junior Wimbledon champion to win the men’s title since
Stefan Edberg.
*  ATP Tour’s first 50-match winner of the season.
Quote “For me, winners stay and losers go. I don’t want to be one of those who loses.”

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