Original Name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhia
Popularly known as Mother Teresa
Date of birth 26,Aug,1910
Place of birth Skopje in Macedonia
Family Dad: Kol�
Mom: Drana
Sisters : Aga (1904), Lazar (1907)
Schooling Went to the Lyceum
Turning point in life
  • 1928 joined the Loreto Sisters
  • In 1929 Sister Teresa was assigned to teach at the St Mary’s Convent School in Calcutta, India.
  • In august 1948 she left Loreto community
Heard God’s voice on Second Call on 10 Sep(Inspiration day. )
Message She had to leave the convent to help the poorest of the poor and to live with them.
  • Mother’s Order, founded in 1947, has nearly 4000 nuns running orphanages, homes of poor, AIDS hospices and other charitable centres around the world.

  • 1948, she opened the first school for slum children in Calcutta

  •  1952, she opened Nirmal Hriday (or Pure hearts), a home for the dying.

  • Shishu Bhavan — the home for babies.

  • Founded Shanti Nagar colony for lepers where they could build their own houses and could work on their own fields.

  • She opened homes for aids patients all over the world.

  • Mother Teresa gave her support to the rehabilitation of the prisoners in India.

  • Opened soup kitchen to provide a warm meal and a warm place and good food to homeless people

  • opened a house for alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless and destitute in Rome.

  • 1971 Peace prize Pope John XXIII
  • 1972 Koruna Dut, angel of charity, President of India
  • 1975 Albert Schweitzer International Price
  • 1979 Nobel price for Peace
  • 1996 Honorary citizen of America (4th person to get this nomination)
Other facts
  • When she was a child she was in the Choir, she was a soprano, and second voice.
  • She also played the mandolin
  • She liked to be in church, she liked to read and to pray and to sing
Reached Heaven on 5,Sep,1997

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